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For lovers of diving the coast of Fiascherino and its surroundings offers fantastic seabeds, caves, sea life, fish, octopus and shellfish. A world to explore, live, photograph. Deep Blue by Dolphing  diving centre offers to beginners and experts the opportunity to make dive tours around the bay. You can request information and contactd to the Reception.


The canoe is the ideal way to discover the wonderful secrets of the coast, to move from one beach to another with speed and fun. Canoes can be rented in the nearby beaches


The beach of “Venere Azzurra”, on days with rough sea, is the meeting point for all surfers. Obviously, in the high summer season, with many people on the beach and in the shore, surfing is practiced only in the evening, while out of season every opportunity is good for surfers to face waves and wind at all hours.


Sailing is a popular sport in La Spezia Gulf. In Lerici the Sailing Club Erix, at the furthest and panoramic point of the “Calata”, exists since 1953! With sailing courses for children, amateurs and professionals. A benchmark for regattas and events related to sailing.

Another charming and very professional structure is the Sailing School of Santa Teresa, already famous for having hosted for years the Sailing Center of Caprera with a base connected to the Maddalena Archipelago.

Circolo Erix – Calata Mazzini, 27  19032 Lerici – T. + 39 0187 966770 e.mail segreteria@cdverix.it  Boatswain Mr. Riccardo +39 327 3704050

Santa Teresa Sailing School – Via Santa Teresa – Pozzuolo – 19032 La Spezia


It is very simple to play tennis in Fiascherino and surroundings, there are many courts, the nearest  just a few steps from the Locanda and you can book from the Reception. In addition to the tennis court in the park of Fiascherino, there are other courts in Lerici, Ressora of Arcola, Ameglia, Sarzana, etc.


The Golf Club Villa Marigola of Lerici is dedicated to golf lovers, 5 km from the Locanda Il Senatore. A small, lovely green a few meters away from the sea, protected by ancient olive trees and fragrant Mediterranean vegetation. The course has an undulating landscape of nine holes, characterized by typical Ligurian terraces, overlooking the Gulf of Poets, with panoramic views, in particular from the hole n.3 from which you can admire the gulf dominated by the castle of Lerici . The holes, immersed into the green, are often in narrow corridors requiring to the golfer extreme precision.

Golf Club Villa Marigola Via S. Biaggini, 5, 19032 Lerici SP

T. + 39 0187 970193


Locanda il Senatore is the ideal starting point for trekking in all the surrounding areas and is near to the parks of Montemarcello Magra, Porto Venere and Cinque Terre. An immersion in nature, ancient evidences and new scents. The nearest paths, starting from the Locanda, spread towards the Serra village, Barbazzano ruins, Pugliola, Solaro, the Caletta ( with the underwater Roman ruins), arriving up to Lerici.
From the near Tellaro village a path climbs up to Zanego, continuing you can reach the botanical garden of the Park on Monte Murlo and the ancient village of Montemarcello;
walking down the long and fascinating staircase from Montemarcello you can reach the black beaches of Punta Corvo, on the other side instead it’s possible to arrive in Bocca di Magra.
In Portovenere Park, you should not miss the Muzzerone experience, the route of Palmaria Island or the path that connects Porto Venere to Campiglia, with all the paths to reach Tramonti, Schiara ecc.
A loto of tracks pass through Cinque Terre territory, inland and along the coast.
The coast track touches the five villages with a 5 hours walk, the Santuari path instead, on the crest, is more difficult but very fascinating, for its landscape, flora and fauna.
All the tracks are of average difficulty, well indicated and well accessibile, you can enjoy trekking on all the territory in every season.

Itineraries from Fiascherino:

Lerici/Fiascherino – Barbazzano – Tellaro
Fiascherino – La Serra – Bellavista – Pugliola – Solaro – San Terenzo – Lerici
Tellaro/Fiascherino – La Serra – Lerici
Fiascherino – Tellaro – Zanego – Montemarcello – Bocca di Magra
Fiascherino – La Serra – Montemarcello



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